Boeing Stratocruiser 1950s

Boeing’s fanciful 377 Stratocruiser was relatively revolutionary, extravagant and attractive in a period when flying was simply getting to be something normal individuals could do. For individuals who could pay the $5,000 cost of a round-outing New York-to-London mentor ticket, (that is $580 then, changed over to 2014 dollars) the flying machine offered unparalleled solace…


Alberto Santos-Dumont

Alberto Santos Dumont was conceived July 20, 1873, in the town of Cabangu, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. At 18 years old, Santos Dumont was sent by his father to Paris where he dedicated his time to the investigation of science, material science, stargazing and mechanics. His first round inflatable, “Brasil,” requested from Maison Lachambre,…


Eugene Ely

Great moments in aviation. November 14, 1910: in the pilot seat of the Hudson Flier. The first pilot and airplane to make a successful take-off from a ship.


Daniel Bernoulli

We owe it all to Daniel Bernoulli. In 1738, he published his principle that states that an increase in the speed of a fluid, will occur simultaneously with a decrease in pressure. Bernoulli’s Principle helps explain how an aircraft wing produces lift. As an aircraft moves through the air, the air flows faster over the…


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